The Resume of a Candidate: Dog Poisoning and Spouse Abuse

David Cassuto

I believe in second chances.  I believe that people can be rehabilitated.  I do not, however, believe that people who feed deer meat laced with antifreeze to dogs  should be elected to their local school boards, especially when they show very little remorse.  I feel the same way about wife-beaters.  Especially when they´re the same person.

Mike Grissom won a spot in the runoff for the Republican nomination for the Jefferson County, Alabama Board of Education.  He poisoned the dogs in 2000 because he was tired of stepping in poop and `just snapped.´  Two of the three dogs died horrible deaths while the third was critically injured.  Grissom claims he´s not an animal hater and cites as evidence the fact that he has a cat.  Continue reading