Friedman and Norman on Maryland DV Protective Orders

Bridget Crawford

Joshua L. Friedman (Attorney Advisor, U.S. Social Security Administration) and Gary C. Norman (Staff Attorney, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) have published their article, “Protecting the Family Pet: The New Face of Maryland Domestic Violence Protective Orders,” 40 U. Balt. L.F. 81 (2009).  Here is the abstract:

Domestic violence is on the rise, and pets are increasingly becoming the victims of marital disputes. There is a demonstrated link between acts and offenses of domestic violence and animal abuse. Domestic abusers often do not think twice about beating or otherwise harming pets that have bonded with the other spouse in order to control, coerce, intimidate, or cause emotional harm to that spouse. Continue reading

Animal Law Symposium: The Impact On & Opportunities For Animals in the Current Political and Economic Climate

Call for Papers

The Animal Law Section of the Maryland State Bar Association, in conjunction with the University Of Baltimore School Of Law and the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Law, will host the first-ever regional Mid-Atlantic symposium on animal law.  The Impact On & Opportunities For Animals in the Current Political and Economic Climate will be a one-day symposium that will occur at the University Of Baltimore School Of Law on Friday, April 9, 2010, from 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.  The Animal Law Section is pleased to partner with the Journal of Animal Law and Ethics at the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Law to publish the articles, commentaries, or papers for the symposium.  To be considered to provide an article or paper, and to hence, present, at the symposium, please complete the PDF form and return it to Lauren Murphy Pringle, Editor-in-Chief at, or Gary C. Norman, Esq., Chair of the MSBA Animal Law Section at either (410) 786-0043 or at

This symposium will address a wide range of topics related to the legal condition and welfare of animals in the Mid-Atlantic region.  Submissions should discuss the impact of the current economic and political climate on animals and the opportunities that exist to improve the welfare of animals.  The steering committee for the symposium encourages authors and researchers from accredited law schools and universities, judges, lawyers, and non-profits or advocacy organization professionals to submit proposals.

The steering committee additionally invites proposals from second or third year law students.  Student papers will be considered for publication.  As with all other presenters, there is no absolute commitment to publish winning student articles or papers.  The goal, however, is to have at least one article or paper by a law student included in the symposium.

For further questions, please do not hesitate to telephone Gary C. Norman, Esq., Principal Co-chair at (410) 241-6745, or Alan S. Nemeth, Esq. at (703) 371-3053.