Even Your Pet’s Food Choices Matter

From Guest Blogger, Marnie Cox:

The problem of overfishing throughout the world’s oceans is not a new one, but this Sunday’s New York Times added another dimension to the issue – the huge amount of wild fish that are used for the pet food industry (10% of the global supply).  There is no easy answer – fish products are heavily used in the farming of land animals such as chickens or pigs, and there is a separate debate about whether it is beneficial (or even permissible) to feed pets a vegan diet.

The author is certainly correct that feasible alternatives need to be discovered soon, so there is no longer an economic inducement to use large fish.  However, in the meantime, I do not think the solution is to only have naturally vegetarian pets and leave millions of cats and dogs to languish and die in shelters, but rather to select organic and natural pet foods that have a less detrimental effect.