Brazil Anew– The Animal Law Tour

David Cassuto

Our hero heads back to Brazil next week.  First I’ll speak at the International Animal Law Conference in Salvador.   The conference also features a student forum where, I’m delighted to report, Pace 3L, Elizabeth Bennett, will present a paper on factory farming.          Continue reading

Teaching Animal Law in Brazil

David Cassuto

Our hero´s dance card is looking pretty full.  I will be teaching a short course on animal law here at FGV Direito Rio next week.  Tell all your friends. 

 Before I do that, however, I will go to Salvador tomorrow to spend a few days talking about animal and environmental law with the good people at the Federal University of Bahia — the same folks who are hosting an international conference on bioethics and animal rights this summer.

Second World Conference on Bioethics and Animal Rights, Salvador Brazil, August 2010

David Cassuto

Animal Law is emerging in Brazil thanks to in large part to the efforts of some dedicated folks at the Federal University in Bahia.  Below follows a call for papers for the Second World Conference on Bioethics and Animal Rights which will be held in Salvador this August.  It is sponsored by the 
Instituto Abolicionista Animal.    

I’ll be speaking there and I hope to bring some Pace students with me.  Please spread the word and consider attending as well.



Faculdade de Direito/Law School

Programa de Pós-Graduação



II World Conference on Bioethics and Animal Rights:

perspectives for life on a changing planet



Salvador, Bahia/Brazil

Abril, 2010
Welcome message!

The Program of a Postgraduate degree in Law from Federal University of Bahia/Brazil and Abolitionist Animal Institute cordially invite you to participate in the II World Conference on Bioethics and Animal Rights, which will take place at Federal University of Bahia/Brazil, from 25 to 28 August 2010.

Brazil has been one of the most developed countries in modern Age. Salvador/Bahia was its first capital. It is a great honour for Salvador to host the Congress. The conference´s goal is to transform this city as a regional centre and facilitator for bioethics and animal rights.

After the experience of the First World Conference on Bioethics and Animal Rights, organizers would like to provide a greater atmosphere for debate and discussion on the future on Earth.

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