The Animated Fried Fish: The Latest Development in Animal Cruelty

Irina Knopp

Tired of those boring fish in the lake and that bland fried fillet you had at the local fast food restaurant? Well come on down to China and combine the two! Get the fun of torturing a live fish with the satisfaction of getting to eat it at the same time!

Sarcastic venting aside, a video has been circulating Youtube depicting a fish that was fried alive. The fish remains living for a few minutes after it is put on the plate. In the background you can hear the people at the table giggling as they poke the fish that is desperately gasping for air (or asking for someone to put it out of its misery?).  

Reactions from readers of show disgust from across the board. One reader states, “I’m not PETA advocate but that is just f**king messed up and sad.” Even a longtime angler has blogged about how repulsive the video is, made all the more abhorrent by the giggling diners. The last time I checked the original video had over 600,000 hits but it was flagged by Youtube users to protect younger viewers from seeing the sadistic display of cruelty.

China a country rich in culture and history, has reached a new low in terms of animal cruelty through this decadent practice. I cannot imagine that the live fish tastes any better than a fish that was killed before being fried. For those that believe it does, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you. Even if it did, it cannot justify the extreme pain this carp must feel: it cannot breath, its organs have been fried and it is being poked by strange creatures. There is no justification to do this to a fish or any other living creature.

7 Responses

  1. The fact is, China has a dismal, if not obscene record when it comes to animal issues. Their live reptile markets show giant turtles being dismembered alive for folks who request certain parts—-a leg here, a tail there. It’s all been documented. They have “bear farms” where bears are confined and the bile from their gall bladders extracted…. the list goes on. Why are we surprised by this latest atrocity?

  2. Great post Irina. I too (unfortunately) am not surprised. This is not the first, and certainly will not be the last, disgusting display of animal cruelty in China. Consider the fact that animals in the fur trade are skinned alive. . Absolutely horrific.

  3. There is no justification for this kind of torture to a living being. It’s almost as if their mentality is that of an eight year (with the laughing and poking). I agree, it is a ‘disgusting display of animal cruelty’ and the fact it is rooted in their long history only magnifies my disgust.

  4. That makes me sick. I’m a fisherman and practice catch and release. When I catch a fish, I make sure to quickly and safely return it to the water. This is just sick.

  5. The level of human civilization is how he treats animals. Like Aaron says: This is just sick.

  6. Hi
    Yuck how cruel,fish is my favourite food,but this thread has turned my stomach,I also practice catch and release,occassionally keeping a nice rainbow for dinner.


  7. This is sad. To think that fish were first domesticated in China, with the carp being sent from heaven, and a precious symbol of luck and abundance. It’s a shame that they’re now considered disposable, and abused as a disgusting source of amusement for sadistic diners.

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