Desert Rock Power Plant to Be Reassessed in Light of Threat to Fish

David Cassuto

From the Things that Never Would Have Happened Under W Desk:

The Bureau of Indian Affairs has withdrawn its Biological Assessment and the  EPA has also withdrawn the air quality permit they respectively issued last summer for the Desert Rock coal-fired power plant sited for the Navajo Nation in the Four Corners region of New Mexico.  The reason(s): concerns about the impact of heavy metals on two species of endangered fish in the San Juan River.

Sometimes I have to read news like this a few times and remember that the long, savage assault on the natural environment that was 2000-08 has indeed come to a close.  Of course, that is not to say things are peachy.  Just today in Copenhagen, world leaders (led by our leader) reached a tentative agreement on carbon emissions that even they acknowledge will accomplish virtually nothing.  I’ll have more to say about these recent developments.  But not now.  For the moment, let’s just breathe deep and remind ourselves that things could be (and have been) so much worse.

4 Responses

  1. Please sign my petitions!!

  2. Is it so hard to pop up a set of pylons and run wind turbines rather than spraying the little land we’ve left the Navajo and other Natives with radioactive sulfer and heavy metals from another lousy coal plant? Wind and hydroelectric seem our best efficient renewable clean power options. I agree that we need to select from all power options to keep our nation powered – but we should be progressing to something that can do so while avoiding damage to the animals and citizens of the nation. Bribing a Native tribe’s leaders into accepting a power plant that chews tops off mountains is not helping our nation!

  3. […] Desert Rock Power Plant to Be Reassessed in Light of Threat to Fish […]

  4. STOP building neuclear plants they are dangerous to the environment as well as to our national security. There are much better and safer ways to create our energy

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