Pombo Relegated to the Ashheap of History

David Cassuto

Richard Pombo lost the  Republican primary for Congress in California´s Central Valley.  This is good news for animals everywhere.  During his 14 years in Congress (representing another district, which he lost in 2006), Pombo was an unmitigated disaster (not just for animals but for all things environmental).  During his chairmanship of the House Natural Resources Committee, Pombo blocked all kinds of wildlife protection, supported subsidies for the fur industry and advocated for the resumption of the ivory trade (more on the Pombo Hall of Shame here).   His campaign platform centered on the fact that if he were elected and the Republicans regained control of the House, his seniority would make him Chairman once more.   

Thankfully, he lost, thanks in no small part to a concerted campaign to alert voters in his new district to his anti-animal positions.  Pombo even created a website to defend himself, albeit lamely  (you can´t run from your voting record).  A big shout out to the Humane Society Legislative Fund for their hard work for a noble cause.

2 Responses

  1. “The Beast” was defeated in 2006, not 2008…

  2. Right you are. Good catch; the post is emended.

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