What “Cage-Free” Means — An Appeal from the RSPCA in England

Quash the Squash campaign imageThe RSPCA is asking for your help.   The EU recently passed legislation designed to improve chicken welfare.  Unfortunately, the legislation is drafted in such a way as to allow more chickens to be packed into “rearing sheds.”   Already, the chickens lack the space to move or flap their wings; it’s the equivalent of a battery cage without the cage.  The British government has seized upon this loophole and is now considering whether to permit this practice.   Jim Fitzpatrick, Minister for Animal Welfare, really needs to hear from you on this matter.  Contact info here and a cool video available here: http://bit.ly/ichick.

–David Cassuto

3 Responses

  1. How receptive are Ministers to out of country opinions on their laws?

  2. I only know that Beth Granter of the RSPCA specifically reached out to readers of this blawg and asked for help.

  3. […] while back, I relayed some info about the `Quash the Squash´ campaign by the RSPCA in the UK aimed at improving the lot of […]

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